9mobile CEO Emphasizes Customer Service as Cornerstone for Business Prosperity

In celebration of the 2023 Customer Service Week, 9mobile’s Chief Executive Officer, Juergen Peschel, underscores the pivotal role of quality customer service in driving organizational performance and growth. Speaking on the theme, ‘Team Service,’ Peschel highlighted how customer service is deeply ingrained in 9mobile’s culture, going beyond a mere department to become a way of life for everyone within the organization.

Peschel expressed, “The role of customer service to organizational growth cannot be overemphasized. It is what drives business performance and growth. It is the essence of every business’ survival.” He further noted that at 9mobile, customer service is a vital aspect of their growth strategy, acknowledging its significance in successful business practice.

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Ehimare Omoike, Director of Customer Care at 9mobile, affirmed the company’s commitment to dynamic and vibrant customer service operations. Omoike emphasized 9mobile’s dedication to providing gold standard services to customers and stakeholders globally, supported by strategic investments in network modernization and, crucially, its people.

As 9mobile marks the international celebration of Customer Service Week, the company reflects on its achievements, recognizing the importance of a customer-centric approach as a key driver for success in today’s competitive business landscape.

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