APRA Set To Hold 35th Annual Conference

The African Public Relations Association (APRA) has announced that the 35th edition of its annual conference aptly tagged APRA Cote d’Ivoire 2024 will hold from May 13th to 17th, 2024.

This prestigious event will be hosted by The Holding Opinion & Public Limited (THOP), a renowned Public Relations and Communication firm based in Abidjan.

The APRA Cote d’Ivoire 2024 conference promises to be a landmark event, centered around the theme “One Africa, One Voice: Bridging Africa’s Communication Divide.” It will explore the pivotal role of public relations in unifying our diverse continent and amplifying Africa’s unified voice on the global stage.

The conference logo itself is a testament to these ideals. A visual representation of unity, diversity, and the power of communication, the logo seamlessly incorporates Cote d’Ivoire’s vibrant colours and proudly showcases Cote d’Ivoire as our host country. The African continent emerges distinctly, symbolizing the unity that binds us all.

Amidst the map’s contours, the silhouette of a face stands resolute, echoing the conference theme’s call for ‘One Africa, One Voice.’ Even in the choice of words, ‘One Voice’ transcends language barriers, with ‘Une Voix’ written in French, seamlessly integrating both English and French, reflecting the vibrant linguistic diversity of our continent.
One of the highlights of the conference is an intensive workshop focused on the cutting-edge topic, “AI-Powered PR: Amplifying Africa’s Unified Voice.” This workshop will delve deep into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the field of public relations, offering participants invaluable insights into harnessing the latest technological advancements to enhance Africa’s communication efforts.

Abidjan, often referred to as the “Paris of West Africa,” serves as the perfect backdrop for this conference. With its stunning landscapes, cultural richness, and warm hospitality, delegates can look forward to an unforgettable experience as they engage in thoughtprovoking sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

While the specific conference fees will be announced in due course, we encourage everyone to save the dates and prepare to be part of this transformative event. The APRA Cote d’Ivoire 2024 conference promises to be a celebration of unity, communication, and the limitless potential of Africa.

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