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Artiste Drops A Controversial Music Video About Biafra

It has been reported that some armed men are after controversial singer “Dutch Mykelz’ few weeks after dropping his controversial song titled ‘Hopeless Nation”
The song highlights the suffering and hardship imposed upon Nigerians by Nigerians. It seeks to question the rationale behind the present hardship being witnessed by Nigerians, even in the midst of plenty.
Dutch Mykelz whose real names are Obibi Dozieaku Chiekeze from Owerii, Imo state was a hitherto unknown artist until he dropped his single video, “Hopeless Nation” ,which has generated a lot of controversy among both the pro-Biafran and anti-Biafran camps.You can watch or download the music video here.
Speaking from his hideout, the 28 year old singer lamented the state of callousness and lawlessness in the country where someone is being haunted and harassed simply for speaking the truth. Asked if he was a pro-Biafran, Dutch stated that he wasn’t taking sides with either group. In his words, “Those agitating for Biafra should also bear it in mind that war is never a desirable development. In war, no one cares about who is right, only who is left. And the Nigerian government on the other hand shouldn’t resort to using violence to suppress a harmless group of people whose only offence is their desire to secede.  Both sides should be willing to shift grounds. There should be an agreement and settlement without bloodshed. That is basically the content of my song. Now tell me, what is my crime?’ he lamented

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