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Event + Integrated Marketing Services: Partnership With Strong Creative Instinct

The pair of Tolulope Medebem and Babatunde Amanerimi could be described as a perfect example of a successful partnership. The duo started out as friends and colleagues. Now they run Eventplus Integrated Marketing Services (EPIMS) – an agency that has made indelible creative marks in the last five years of its existence.

Both partners have been in the field of marketing communications for over 15 years. They have handled various types of activations, working with and on both client and agency sides. EPIMS is a member of EXMAN. It offers strategic and tactical field marketing, event management and B2B marketing services. We have continued to deliver rapid execution which has provided our clients with unrivalled speed to market. The firm has had its Event+footprints spread through strategic alliances with agencies in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal and Benin Republic.

Tolulope Medebem believes “Experiential marketing is currently a growing trend here in Nigeria It is now widely considered as a more effective way
of promoting products and services over traditional marketing. The idea behind this type of marketing is that it connects consumers with a brand through “live interactions’’ by providing consumers with the ability to understand a product or service by using their senses and engaging with it.

“Unlike traditional marketing which is a one way mass market, experiential marketing is a two-way conversation between brands and consumers which provides an experience that creates new customers as well as retains existing customers.” To Babatunde Amanerimi, the impact of EXMAN on the industry will depend a great deal on the nature of the regulation and how efficiently and effectively it is implemented. “The private sector relies on self-regulation or co-regulation to address a range of issues, from establishing industry standards, to developing and applying codes of professional ethics, to ensuring consumer confidence”.

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He affirmed that EXMAN is on the right track. However, he believes when it has taken off fully, it would protect the future and dignity of experiential
marketing as a business, as well as help agencies internalize ethical behavior and principles, and invariably build professional equity. Amanerimi identified low entry barrier and security challenge as some of the security challenges bedeviling the progress of the industry. On EPIMS projection for the next five years, the firm has its vision set on playing in the first tier of industry leaders as they strive to find the right of way through innovations, and strategic collaborations.

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