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Guinness Launches ‘Guinness 0.0’ Non-Alcoholic Beverage Drink

Foremost manufacturer of top beverage brands, Guinness has announced the introduction of ‘Guinness OO’, a new non-alcoholic variant of the flagship Guinness.‘

Guinness 0.0’ is brewed at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, the Home of Guinness, and according to the  brewer, the new brand will be rolled out in Great Britain and Ireland, just as it would be made available in more markets throughout the world later in 2021.Guinness 0.0 boasts the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour and unique dark colour of Guinness, but without the alcohol.

The journey to launching Guinness 0.0 has drawn on Guinness’s proud 261-year history of innovation and brewing brilliance dating from 1759. A commitment to retaining the distinct character and taste of Guinness was central to the four-year process led by the technical and innovation teams at St. James’s Gate, the Home of Guinness.

To create Guinness 0.0 the St James’s Gate Brewers start by brewing Guinness exactly as they always have, using the same natural ingredients; water, barley, hops and yeast; before gently removing the alcohol through a cold filtration method.

The cold filtration process allows the alcohol to be filtered out without presenting thermal stress to the beer, protecting the integrity of its taste and character. The brewers then carefully blend and balance the flavours to ensure the distinctive flavour profile and taste characteristics of Guinness.

The resulting product is unmistakably Guinness, just without the alcohol, featuring the same dark, ruby red liquid and creamy head, hints of chocolate and coffee, smoothly balanced with bitter, sweet and roasted notes. In taste tests by an independent panel, they found that Guinness 0.0 ‘exceeded expectations’ with its taste lauded as ‘outstanding’.

Commenting on the newly launched brand, Grainne Wafe, Global Brand Director, Guinness said “This is an exceptional day for Guinness, as we finally reveal Guinness 0.0. The launch of Guinness 0.0 highlights our long-held commitment to innovation, experimentation, and bravery in brewing, harnessing the power of our brewers and our ingredients, to create an alcohol-free beer that is 100% Guinness but 0% alcohol. We know people want to be able to enjoy a Guinness when they choose not to drink alcohol without compromising on taste, and with Guinness 0.0 we believe they will be able to do exactly that.”

 “Guinness has always had an unwavering commitment to quality and our entire brewing team is hugely proud of the care and effort that has been put into the four year development process for Guinness 0.0. We have created a taste experience that we believe is truly unrivalled in the world of non-alcoholic beer and we can’t wait for people to finally be able to try it!” he stated.

From humble beginnings in Ireland’s capital, to a truly global brand, Guinness’ journey to international success is a story worth telling. Born in 1725 in County Kildare, Ireland, Arthur Guinness inherited £100 from his godfather Archbishop Price, and used the money to set up his own ale brewery in neighbouring town, Leixlip.

At 34, Arthur decided to try his luck in the capital, signing a 9000-year lease on a small, disused property at St. James’s Gate from which to start his brewing journey. The original lease is still available to view at the Dublin archive. A failing brewing industry in Ireland led Arthur to begin exporting, sending just six and a half barrels of Guinness beer on a ship bound to England. The rapid growth of a new beer, ‘porter’, in London resulted in Arthur halting ale production and concentrating on perfecting a bold, black beer, the West Indian Porter (a precursor to Guinness Foreign Extra Stout) which remains part of Guinness’ range to this day.

Over the next 200 years, Guinness quickly became part of the world’s cultural fabric. Today, it is brewed in more than 60 locations worldwide, with Nigeria opening the first brewery outside of the UK and Ireland in 1963.Now sold in over 150 locations, the entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of innovation is still a vibrant part of the most fabled brewery in the world.

The next chapter of Guinness innovation is led by the Brewers Project: a group of enterprising brewers on a quest to explore new recipes, re-interpret old ones and collaborate freely to bring exciting beers to life. Most recently it has delivered Hop House 13, Guinness’ Nitro IPA, and Guinness Golden Ale. With over 8,000 years left on the original St James Gate lease, they’ve got a lot more beer to make.

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