inDrive Conquers 20 African Cities in 2023 

In a transformative breakthrough poised to reshape the ride-hailing sector and the gig economy across Africa, inDrive has made a bold advancement. The company has rapidly expanded its services to 20 African cities in less than 12 months throughout 2023, all while not charging any (zero) commission fees to its drivers.

inDrive has successfully established its presence across a variety of cities in Nigeria, including Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Benin City, Nnewi, Aba, Onitsha, Jos, Enugu, Warri, Abeokuta, Akure, Owerri, Calabar, Ado Ekiti, and Uyo, as well as Maseru in Lesotho, and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. In addition to these cities, the platform is also operational in several African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, and Namibia. What sets inDrive apart from many other platforms is its commitment to fairness and empowerment within the transportation sector, ensuring that drivers retain a significant portion of their earnings. This noble strategy highlights the company’s unwavering dedication to uplifting both the drivers and passengers across the continent

This expansion is a key part of inDrive’s strategic plan to establish a strong and equitable presence in new markets. A distinctive feature of this strategy allows drivers to benefit significantly: they pay zero commissions for an extended period to allow enough time to build a community of customers. This policy ensures that a greater portion of earnings goes directly to the drivers, showcasing inDrive’s dedication to fostering a balanced and fair marketplace.

“Our launch strategy is meticulously crafted to guarantee fair treatment for both drivers and passengers,” stated Ilia Anisimov the Regional Business Development Specialist (Expansion)at inDrive. “We are committed to creating a win-win scenario, ensuring passengers have access to affordable rides while drivers receive their rightful share of the income.”

The expansion is rolling out in a series of thoughtful and active stages, each aimed at establishing a just and sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders. The first stage encompasses extensive market research, conducted by inDrive’s team of specialists, to ensure that our entry into each new market is well-informed and tailored to local needs.

Following this, the focus shifts to building a robust user community. The final stage is monetization, which involves charging a modest commission of no more than 10% on drivers’ earnings, starting only six months post-launch in each city.

Africa faces numerous challenges, particularly in providing ample employment opportunities. inDrive’s venture into the continent represents a strategic move to address these issues, offering drivers not just a platform to earn but also the necessary tools and support to prosper.

With its innovative approach and unwavering dedication to fairness, inDrive is set to revolutionize the transportation landscape in Africa. The company is empowering drivers, delighting passengers, and contributing significantly to the vibrant tapestry of the gig economy.

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