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Is President’s Rejection Of Peace Corps Bill Appropriate?

The refusal of the President to sign the bill establishing the Peace Corps bill into law is appropriate. We have the police, the military, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Department of State Services and several other para-military agencies already in existence. Can we sincerely say these agencies are adequately catered for? Why should a father who lacks the capacity to adequately take care of children continue to procreate? That is what I can liken this situation to.
Good, there will be jobs for many of these youths if the bill was signed into law, but should we just increase the number of security agencies without making adequate provision to properly train and kit them? If we fail to provide for them they will become a nuisance to society and create more problems than they are meant to solve.
Today, our policemen and women are not properly looked after and that is largely responsible for their below par performance. If we take good care of our police, we don’t need to always resort to the use of our military for internal security like we are doing now. We have military personnel performing functions that ordinarily should be performed by the police.
It would have been good to sign the bill into law if there were resources and the political will to take adequate care of officers and men of the new outfit, after all, the police do not have enough personnel to be everywhere in the country but Mr. President’s decision is better in the overall interest of the nation. If someone has the financial capacity and sufficient time to care for two children such a person should not give birth to 10, if he does, the children will suffer neglect and none of them may fulfil his potential.Continue reading.

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