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Mixed Reactions As Billy Graham Bows Out

By Austin Edoho
There are mixed reactions from various camps following the death of the famous Pentecostal evangelist, Billy Graham.
Billy Graham, who until his death was one of the most respected preachers in the world may also have been one of the most hated preachers in the world.Reacting to Billy Graham‘s death,the Wall Street Journal wrote: “He was the greatest evangelist who ever lived. Privately, he was the same man he was publicly, because he was so down to earth and so humble.” But this sentiment was not shared by everybody.
On hearing the news of his death,many Christians who knew who he was and what he stood for were heart-broken and sad,but many others were actually rejoicing. They took to twitter to register their anger at him,and to also express their relief and gratitude to God that the one man who tormented them and made their life miserable was dead. So while some see him as the greatest preacher who ever lived,some others see him as a devil who didn’t deserve to live as long as he did.
Here are a few of the tweets from those who rejoiced at his death;
Ana Mardoll wrote: Billy Graham urged Nixon to use nukes in Vietnam. He said AIDS was god’s judgment on queer people and celebrated our deaths. He believed Jewish people controlled the media. He was anti-feminist and created the “never be alone with a women” rule Pence lives by.
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I liked the *character* of Billy Graham as portrayed on The Crown, the harmless, charismatic man who talks about human imperfection and forgiveness. The actual human being was a bigot, who preached bigotry, and who taught his son to do the same”.

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 My contention is that Billy Graham’s flaws helped poison the spiritual and political discourse in the United States, and the world. Billy Graham’s flaws hardened hearts and turned people against their own families and turned people out of their communities.


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