Mondelēz Announces Discontinuation of Low-Sugar Cadbury Dairy Milk

In a surprising move, Mondelēz International, the American multinational snack and food company, has made the decision to discontinue the production of its low-sugar version of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar. The decision comes as a response to a noticeable decline in consumer demand for this healthier alternative.

Launched in 2019, the low-sugar Cadbury Dairy Milk was introduced as part of Mondelēz’s commitment to reducing sugar content in its products available in the UK and Ireland. At the time of its launch, the company expressed optimism, touting it as “the most significant innovation in the brand’s history.” This move was also seen as a crucial step towards addressing the growing concern of obesity, particularly in children.

“We believed that offering a chocolate bar with 30% less sugar could play a significant role in tackling obesity, including childhood obesity, in the UK,” stated a representative from Mondelēz. The company even drew parallels between the anticipated success of this low-sugar chocolate and the popularity of Diet Coke, affirming its intention to maintain a presence for lighter chocolate options in the market.

Despite heavy investments in product development and a nationwide marketing campaign, consumer demand for the low-sugar Cadbury Dairy Milk has steadily declined. A spokesperson for Mondelēz acknowledged these efforts, stating, “We not only invested heavily in developing a bar that consumers told us tasted great but also in promoting it through a nationwide marketing campaign.” Unfortunately, despite these concerted efforts, it was decided to discontinue the product due to waning interest.

However, Mondelēz is not abandoning its commitment to offering healthier choices to consumers. The company has expressed a willingness to explore new product innovations that better align with evolving consumer preferences. “We understand that some consumers will be disappointed by this news, but they can rest assured that we will continue to invest and innovate and bring more well-being choices to our consumers,” reassured the spokesperson.

As a replacement for the discontinued low-sugar Cadbury Dairy Milk, Mondelēz has introduced its new Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruiter and Nuttier line. This new product boasts higher fiber and protein content while being lower in sugar and saturated fat compared to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate and Cadbury Delights.

Mondelēz’s decision to discontinue the low-sugar Cadbury Dairy Milk reflects the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences and the company’s commitment to adapting its product offerings to meet these demands. While this may mark the end of one chapter, it opens the door to new and exciting innovations in the world of confectionery.

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