Nigerian's Reactions To Dana's Air Crash

Nigerians are not treating the recent Dana Air mishap with kid’s gloves.
Barely a few hours after a Dana Airplane overshot the driveway at the Port Harcourt airport, many Nigerians took to their twitter handles to express their anger and disappointment at the managers of the airline,and the Nigerian government who has failed to revoke Dana’s Air operating license despite the numerous accidents recorded by the company.
Below is what Nigerians are saying.I hope Dana Air officials and personnel will read this and take appropriate action.
Kemi Ariyo
‏ Some years ago, Dana Air crashed killing about 153 passengers, last 2 wks, the same airline exit door fell off upon landing & last night Dana Airline overshots the runway into a bush while trying to land .
Nigerians who still use this airline obviously don’t cherish their lives.
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‏ While I wouldn’t be caught on a Dana Air plane these days, there are other things to consider here – pretty much every airport in this country save Abuja has really poor runway lighting. THAT is also a crisis.
‏ Everyone blaming Dana Air nobody is going to blame Nepa 👍🏾
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Dana Air killed 153 passengers. One of the most painful air crashes recorded in this country but you all forgot that in a rush and still handed them back their licenses. Very sad. Dana is a disaster waiting to happen. Avoid it
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Henry O
2 weeks ago, Dana Air ✈ exit door fell off upon landing & just last night Dana Airline overshots the runway & crashed into the bush while trying to land .
Even if the govt failed to act, I am not flying Dana Air for free.
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This Dana Air matter is an issue of utmost importance.
Had a plane on air with faulty doors few weeks back,
And now overshoots on the runway.
Is it until another actual disaster happens with loss of lives before heads roll and something is done?
Do we value human life at all?
Toke Makinwa
‏Just heard about the Dana Air incident, I lost a good friend on the 3rd of June 2012 as a result of the last crash, we are not over it, it still hurts. Let’s not cause more grief to other families, fix up or bow out.
‏ So what’s wrong with Dana Air?
First it was an emergency exit door falling off on landing. Now aircraft skidding off the run way. Years back it had one of the worst air crashes in the country.
Remind not to ever buy their ticket.
@FAAN_Official should check those guys. 😟
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Dana Air has had too many unfortunate incidents in the past and zero lessons learned from them to still be patronized and regarded as an airline that is still relevant.
Incompetence and excuses really don’t do anything tangible to mitigate the loss of life.
Let’s be serious.
Opeyemi Babalola
‏If you are to travel by air, do your part and allow God complement your effort. Stay away from Dana Air at least for now till they understand what “SAFETY” means!
Fly other airlines for now.
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Iyá Lájè Of Lagos
‏ I really don’t know why Dana Air is still operating.
First it was Dana Airplane exit door. Now the airplane missed the runway and crashed into a bush. The minister of transportation should stop collecting bribes from these people and sanction them before they cause further havoc

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