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Outdoor Sector Accounts For 28% Advertising Spend In Nigeria.

Out – of- Home (OOH) advertising sector accounted  for about 28 % of total advertising expenditure in Nigeria which is estimated at N116 billion in 2019.

The percentage record which is collectively performance of the about 100 outdoor media companies comes second only to  overall advertising expenditure made through  television  media channels across the country.

This facts were  contained in the highlight of the media industry data research recently conducted by  Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria( OAAN). 


The research data meant to provide audience information guide to advertisers market in Nigeria and across West Africa  is  a joint research project carried out by the  association with technical and scientific input coming from Geopoll, the  internationally renowned research company.Geopoll organization is a full service provider of research data, working through detailed deployment of  robust, multi modal mobile surveying platform and panel of respondents to provide remote research services for emerging markets across Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

The study was conducted through mobile web link in  February 2020, with 1000 respondents located in three locations across the country, namely Lagos, Abuja, and Rivers state revealed that Nigeria  is one of the largest and most predominant advertising market in Africa.The data findings  revealed that outdoor advertising through billboards, vehicle signs, and other means remains one of the oldest and most visible forms of advertising in Nigeria.

The study was focused on key cities within Nigeria, and examined time spent outdoors by consumers while being exposed to advertising, the most visible forms of outdoor advertising, and what actions were taken after exposure to an OOH advert.

It was found that walking and public transportation are the most common forms of transportation in all three locations studied.

Generally, according to the data,  people spend two hours a day outside their homes or their places of work, and it was found that vehicular travel goes down at weekends, while time spent in walking is on the increase during weekends as compared to weekdays.

The study also found that awareness of billboards was high, with 79% of respondents claiming they had noticed a billboard within the space of 7 days. Similarly, 63% of respondents claimed that they notice the brand or messages that is being communicated on billboards ‘all of the time.’ 

The study also looked at the effectiveness of outdoor advertising when compared to other advertising channels including radio, TV, and online. Across all channels, the most common action following advertisement exposure is searching for more information online. While 74% of respondents claimed they do this for radio, OOH came in second in the metric at 69%. Activations were also analyzed against spend and reach for each channel, and it was found that while the low spend and high reach of radio drives high effectiveness overall, the fragmented nature of radio audiences makes it difficult to capture wider audiences with a single campaign.

 Meanwhile, it was found that OOH was more effective than both TV and online advertising in most measures, including downloading an app, buying the brand mentioned, and recommending the brand to a friend.   In addition, the study examined forms of OOH advertising, with billboards emerging as the most visible format, and over 80% of respondents saying they notice billboard advertisements. This was followed by wrapped buses, taxis, and other vehicles in all cities. Wrapped ads were particularly noticeable in Lagos and Abuja.  

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