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Red Card Movement Launch In Gombe, Other Northern States

After the successful launch of the Red Card Movement, RCM, in Abuja and Jos, the organization led by the Convener Dr. Oby Ezekwesili and other co-Conveners has stormed Gombe and other Northern states like wildfire.
At the Gombe lunch which took place amidst a mammoth crowd, Dr. Ezekwesili reminded Nigerians of the crucial roles they have to play to make Nigeria the country of their dreams. The first step toward this is for them to register and collect their Permanent Voter Card (PVC). This should be followed by coming out on election dates and vote out bad leaders that have held Nigerians down through bad and incompetent governance card1
Dr. Ezekwesili pointed out that bad governance has led to the cyclical truncation of democracy in Nigeria, and where we have had democracy it turned out to be a far cry from what true democracies represents. This has been the norm since the termination of the First Republic in 1966. As a result of these abnormalities, key institutions, systems, principles and ethos that underpin democratic practice has remained extremely problematic and largely underdeveloped. One of such key institutions are dynamic, strong, inclusive and accountable political parties that can articulate sound policy positions and inspire confidence that they – the political parties -are capable of governing effectively when voted in by the card2
As a result of Nigeria’s weak political structure, it has been quite challenging producing credible leaders who have the interests of the nation at heart. One of the fundamental reasons, according to the RCM Convener, is the fact that the party structures are filled with politicians with vested tribal, religious or regional interests rather than the interest of a vibrant and prosperous card3
It is to fill this important vacuum that the movement is stepping in to sensitise Nigerians on the need to vote out bad leaders by identifying political parties and politicians that have nothing to offer the country.

As the RCM stormed Gombe, it reminded Nigerians on how to key into the movement. They can do this by joining the #OfficeOfTheCitizen. After arming themselves with their PVCs they will be in the position to issue #RedCardToAPCAndPDP; because card5

The Office of the Citizen highlights the fundamental importance of the citizen in the democratic process as democracy thrives on active participation. RedCardToAPCAndPDP is anchored on the pedestal that neither of the two main political parties have the capacity to effect sustainable growth and development; while MyPVCMyRedCard is aimed at galvanising Nigerians who have not registered to do so and obtain their PVC – the only way they can vote out bad card6
Other aspects of the RCM campaign include: #CitizensLeadershipCriteriaTool: The #CitizensElectableNigeriansRoaster; Before The People: A Dialogue between Political Parties And Citizens; Citizens’ Manifesto; A New Social Contract aka “#NewNigeriaOfOurDream” and Summit of the Alternatives. These would dove tail into the third phase of activities which is Public Debates.
The movement urges Nigerians in Gombe and other northern states to come out in large numbers to join the citizens’ movement whose time has come because “together we can change Nigeria for good.” red card7

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