SWAT Leadership Conference: Experts Highlight the Transformative Role of AI on the Creative Industry

By Opeyemi Adebiyi

The first day of the 2023 SWAT Leadership Academy Creatives Conference brimmed with an air of anticipation and the promise of transformative insights. With the resounding theme “Level Up” and the striking tagline “Plug into the SEA of Intelligence,” the event set the stage for a deep dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its striking impact in every aspect of human endeavor.

PLAQUE Presentation to Eyitayo Ogunmola (left)

The signification of Day One lectures by a carefully selected Industry bests is the illumination of AI as the curator of a new world – and everyone is called to embrace this new reality.

Kicking off the conference was a leading light of the industry Dr. Olusola Saheed Ayoola., CEO of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAIN). His pragmatic presentation illuminated AI as an indispensable toolbox for creatives across diverse industries. Breaking down the complexity, he delineated AI as a non-human system emulating human intelligence, with a focus on three pivotal types: conversational AI, generative AI, and recommended systems.
Sharing practical insights, Dr. Ayoola recommended a set of AI tools tailored to the needs of creative professionals.

PLAQUE Presentation to Mr. Akinyemi (r)

Among the highlights were ChatGPT for research, Star Maker App for aspiring artists, and Deep Dream Generator for generating captivating visual content. Through a live demonstration, he emphasized the importance of maintaining creative control, stressing the need to strike a balance between AI assistance and human ingenuity while steering clear of plagiarism.

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Following Dr. Ayoola’s insightful session, Mr. Oluyomi Akinyemi, a Partner at KPMG Nigeria, delved into the fundamental components of AI and its profound implications for businesses. He navigated the intricate landscape of AI’s impact on the job market, offering practical strategies to mitigate associated risks and challenges.

PLAGUE Presentation Dr. Ayoola (left)

The stage then belonged to Eyitayo Ogunmola, the visionary CEO and Founder of Utiva, who underscored the burgeoning capabilities of AI, underscored by the staggering $190 billion global investment in the field. With a resolute stance, he advocated embracing AI’s transformative power, highlighting its role in reshaping the future of work and enhancing productivity across various sectors.

Post a satisfying lunch break, the conference dived into a dynamic Q&A session, igniting a spirited exchange of ideas and insights. Participants seized the opportunity to glean practical wisdom and guidance from the esteemed speakers, fostering an environment of collaborative learning and growth that echoed the spirit of the 2023 SWAT Creatives Conference.

The conference continues into Day Two, expected to provide more illumination into the transformative world of AI especially in the areas of spiritual intelligence nd emotional intelligence.

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