The Advent of Technology, ChatGPT, Will Reshape the PR Landscape – NIPR Lagos Chairman

The role of technology and other tools such as ChartGPT will change the PR landscape in Nigeria and across the globe. This view was expressed by the Lagos State Chairman of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, NIPR, Mrs. Comfort Obot Nwankwo.

She stated this in an exclusive interview with a BrandiQ Correspondent. 

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 Mrs. Nwankwo, who was recently reelected to lead the PR practitioners in Lagos State shared her insights into the evolving landscape of public relations amidst technological advancements. She emphasized the transformative rather than disruptive role technology, especially tools such as ChatGPT is poised to play. She acknowledged that the “The advent of technology, including tools like ChatGPT, will undoubtedly reshape the PR landscape. However, just as calculators didn’t render mathematicians and scientists obsolete, but rather enhanced their work, technology will augment the capabilities of PR practitioners.”

She highlighted a crucial distinction, stating, “While tools like ChatGPT can assist with tasks, the creative and strategic aspects of PR require human expertise.” Speaking further on the fears and concerns edpressed in the industry that technology and other internet tools such as ChatGPT will replace some PR professional and make them job, she affirmed  confidence in the adaptability of PR professionals, stating, “PR professionals will continue to be relevant by adapting to technological changes and utilizing them to enhance their work and reach new levels.”

In an age where ChatGPT and similar technologies are gaining prominence, Mrs. Comfort Obot’s perspective brings a balanced outlook to the ongoing discourse, making it clear that human intuition, creativity, and critical thinking will remain invaluable in the field of public relations.

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