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This Organic Wonder Treats Cancer, Heart Diseases, Others

By Austin Edoho

At a time when Nigeria seems to be battling to survive the various epidemics and ailments plaguing its teeming populace, Donlisa Spices is offering a solution to the myriads of ailments bedeviling the country.

The wonder products being exhibited at the Edmark cashless shopping bazaar in Lagos, yesterday
The wonder products being exhibited at the Edmark cashless shopping bazaar in Lagos, yesterday

Donlisa Spices, an indigenous company owned by an Abuja-based Mrs. Alice Odeh Harrison offers 100% pure organic products that cure ailments ranging from arthritis, heart diseases, to more serious ailments like cancer and Alzheimer disease.

Donlisa Spices is one of the companies that is exhibiting its products at the ongoing Nigeria’s 1st ever cashless shopping bazaar in Ikeja, Lagos, organized and powered by  Edmark.

Speaking on her products, Mrs. Alice Odeh stated that all their products are pure organic products. In her own words, “Our products are pure organic. It is pure organic because we do not use fertilizer or chemicals to grow our ginger, garlic, or red pepper.”

Speaking further, the eloquent woman with an amiable personality said, “We have four different products here. We have the Tumeric. This is a tuber plant. We farm it ourselves, without using chemicals or fertilizers. The Tumeric is used in the treatment of Inflammation, prevents heart disease, increases antioxidant capacity of the body, improves brain function, treats cancer, treats arthritis, delays ageing, and many more. Testimonies abound of people who have used the Tumeric in treating one ailment or the other, and they are happily telling the world about this wonderful health product.”

At this point, there was a little crowd forming around the stand, as they were amazed at hearing the many health benefits of the products as being enumerated by Mrs. Alice.

In other to fully educate the prospective customers who were intently gazing on her, Mrs. Odeh further picked up another of her packaged products which was Ginger. She thereby fully spelt out the health benefits of her ginger-based product. Hear her; “Our ginger product aids in digestion, blood clots, treats respiratory diseases, relieves flu and cold symptoms, decreases morning sickness symptoms, good for diabetic patients, and so many more.”

Curiously, someone asked about the Red pepper which was one of the products displayed on the table. The person asked if it was not the same red pepper that is being sold in the market. Mrs. Alice Odeh responded by saying that the red pepper sold in the market is not pure. She went on to educate her listeners on the danger of buying some kind of red pepper being sold in the market. She said, “some red pepper are mixture of garri, a little pepper, and colour. These people grind garri to powder, add red colour, and add a little pepper to it and sell it off as red pepper. Consuming that product results in cancer. But buying our Donlisa Red pepper, you are sure of what you are buying, and remember that all our products are 100% pure organic which means there is no chemical or fertilizer used in its cultivation.”

The CEO of Donlisa spices concluded by asking for interested persons and companies who want to be distributors in Nigeria to contact her, as her doors are open to them.

Mrs. Alice Odeh Harrison is a registered member of Edmark. She can be reached on 07034790806

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