We’re Poised To Invest Aggressively In Nigeria’s Talent Pool– Hamu 

The Managing Partner of Hamu Legal, Saadatu Hamu Aliyu, stood before a captivated audience on that memorable evening on October 2, 2023, discussing her organisation and the legal profession in Nigeria.

The elegant Boto Restaurant on Yalinga Street, Abuja, was the backdrop for a significant milestone – the firm’s 5th Anniversary dinner – celebrating five years of remarkable accomplishments.

Aliyu painted a vision filled with ambition and unwavering dedication in her address. Her commitment was clear: “We are ready to make substantial investments in Nigeria’s talent pool, the wellbeing of our team, and expanding our partnerships to provide exceptional services across various industries.”

These words resonated with unwavering conviction, as Hamu Legal had already made a name for itself within the legal world. It had woven a thriving tapestry of legal practice, known for ingenious and unconventional solutions, epitomising its mantra: “Do Different.”

Aliyu’s impassioned speech spoke of purpose and precision. She emphasized that Hamu Legal would remain united while strategically diversifying its practice across law, technology, energy, dispute resolution, government regulation, and corporate matters – a steadfast commitment to excel and diversify.


But this endeavour wasn’t solely about growth but becoming a beacon of insight and knowledge. Aliyu stressed the importance of research and development, positioning Hamu Legal as a market leader who provides critical insights on pressing issues to clients and the public.o

The anniversary celebration was nothing short of grandeur. Distinguished guests, including dignitaries, government officials, legal luminaries, and clients from various sectors, gathered to honour Hamu Legal’s journey.

The atmosphere was electric as 200 attendees convened in this exclusive setting.

The evening was a journey filled with reminiscence and hope, featuring speeches from the firm’s earliest clients, heartfelt testimonials from friends and family of the Managing Partner, and a documentary that stirred deep emotions.

Ruqayya Tofa Bashir, CEO of Raw Food & Beauty Resources Limited, praised Hamu Legal’s tenacity, stating: “Hamu Legal understands my business, and I’ve always found them reliable.”

Chukwuma Okoroafor, Head of Legal at Helium Health Limited, acknowledged the firm’s dedicated staff and consistent values. Anthony Epundu, an associate, remarked, “At its core, the event was an expression of gratitude, honouring clients, partners, staff, and well-wishers who had contributed to the firm’s ascent. It was a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey and gather momentum for the path ahead.”

The celebration began with a spirited cocktail session, where guests shared stories about their connection with Hamu Legal. The melodic background music added to the ambiance, ensuring the festive spirit never waned.

The event’s host skillfully guided the evening, captivating attendees even during the sumptuous meals.

The event beautifully highlighted the synergy between business growth, the significance of corporate gatherings, and the value of recognizing the contributions of staff and clients. The Managing Partner reiterated the pivotal role of partnerships in nurturing a thriving enterprise.

As the evening drew to a close, awards were presented to collaborators who had journeyed hand in hand with the firm, solidifying the importance of fruitful alliances.

In the final moments, a representative of Hamu Legal stood before the gathering, expressing gratitude and encapsulating the sentiment of the evening – a celebration of excellence, unity, and an unwavering commitment to “Do Different” in the years to come.

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