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"You Can Now Own A Land In Lagos With A Hundred Thousand Naira"-Oluwatoyin Ajao

Mr. Oluwatoyin AJAO is the co-Founder of SMG Projects Ltd, a Real estate Investment company that has consulted for over 15 real estate companies for the past three years. For over 19 years he has invested in GM Oil and Gas Co. Ltd since 1998. He also established GM Limited in Canada 2001 and worked as a Project Manager for GMStyles – a manufacturing company formed in the United Kingdom in 2002. He also started GM Unique ventures Ltd also in the UK in 2004.
Mr. Ajao holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology from the University Of East London, UK, a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a National Diploma in Accountancy. Mr. Ajao has lived and worked for the past 19 years in US, Canada, UK and Nigeria.
 Inorder to reduce and mitigate the financial stress a lot of people go through in the course of trying to own lands and properties in Lagos state and its environs, a company, SMG Project Ltd, has appeared on the scene to make it very easy for anyone and everyone to become a land owner by investing as little as a hundred thousand naira. In this interview with BrandiQ Magazine, the Chairman of SMG Projects Ltd, Mr. Oluwatoyin Ajao lays bare the latest and best secret that many Nigerians didn’t know about the easiest way of owning Lands and properties in Lagos and its environs.
BrandiQ: May we meet you sir?
Mr. Ajao: Thank you very much. My name is Oluwatoyin Ajao. I am the chairman of SMG Project Ltd operating from Ikeja, Lagos state. I am a husband of one wife, and a father to two lovely children. I am also a Christian.
BrandiQ: Tell us about your company, SMG Project ltd
Mr. Ajao: We are into buying and selling of lands and properties. This means that we are into real estate. But we are not like the conventional real estate companies who are merely into buying and selling. We create an opportunity for people to become investors. Becoming an investor means that you can invest your money into our company, and we pay you your interest in 3 months. It is our own way of equipping everyone to become either a land or home owner.
BrandiQ: can you please elaborate on this?
Mr. Ajao: Okay, this is how it works. We are asking people to invest their money into SMG Project Ltd. The minimum investment is a hundred thousand naira (#100,000).When you invest this hundred thousand naira, we pay you forty percent interest in 90 days or less. What this means is that if you invest one hundred thousand naira, you will get back one hundred and forty thousand naira (#140,000) in three months. If you leave it for six months, you get one hundred and eighty thousand naira (#180,000), so your interest keeps accumulating. And if you can leave it for a year to 2 years, you can qualify to own a land. The interest on the initial one hundred thousand naira must have compounded over the months to pay for a land for you. Some people may choose to get their interest, while others may prefer the land. This is the first of its kind, ever in Nigeria. It’s also a wonderful way of saying goodbye to poverty. Although the interest rate is subject to change, but for now, we are paying forty percent interest.
BrandiQ : How practical is this? How can people be sure that they will get back their money if they invest? Won’t they see it as another ponzi scheme like MMM?
Mr. Ajao: Well, you just mentioned MMM. My question is, what are they selling? Do they have a product? They obviously do not. But we do have a product. We buy lands and properties and resell them at a profit. We buy lands in choice locations; hot areas and you know quite well that the value of lands and landed properties appreciate with time. So after purchasing a particular property, we resell it at a good profit, and share the profit among the investors. So your investment is very safe and secure.
We need investors who say they have 100million naira, 50 million naira, #500,000 or #100,000 naira to invest and own a land in 2 years.
BrandiQ: Thank you for your time sir.
Mr. Ajao: You are welcome.
You can contact Mr. Oluwatoyin Ajao on +2348033851168. Or visit SMG Project office at No. 8 Fadeyi Street, off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos

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