Abubakar Tsav: State Police Will Divide Nigeria

By Sheriff Bona –
Former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav (retd.), has said the country is not mature enough for the creation of State police.
Tsav said that the creation of state police would split Nigeria as politicians might use it against their political opponents, adding that it might also lead to job insecurity as some state governors would tamper with the institution.
“The establishment of state police at this time will signal the beginning of disintegration of the country.
“Apart from some states not being able to maintain police now, some power-drunk and ambitious governors may use the police against their perceived political opponents.
“A state Commissioner of Police who fails to dance to the tune of his governor may be sacked.
“There may be no job security, professionalism and security of tenure.
“Our politicians are not civilised enough and tolerant of opposing views and cannot preside over a competent and impartial police force”, he argued.
The former police boss, however, advised the nation to wait until “we are civilised and united and can appreciate justice and fairness.”

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