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Consolidating Relevance on The Marketing Turf

Until a decade ago, consumers were viewed by marketers purely as rational decision makers who are more concerned with the product’s functional features and benefits. As competition deepens and the battle for consumers’ loyalty increases, marketers have come to realize the fact that consumers need to be viewed both as rational and emotional beings who are concerned with achieving pleasurable experiences. Consumers’ predilections are now being determined more on relationships as oneway communication isn’t considered engaging enough.
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Hence, the need for two-dimensional communication where consumers participate, share, and interact with the brand has continued to grow in relevance. As organizations continue to cut marketing budgets,
ROI-driven marketers in Nigeria had began to look for other ways to spend limited resources and time with their target audiences at the lowest possible cost.
[ad id=”147″]The aim is to achieve true engagement that is relevant and authentic, impacting both short-term sales and long-term relationships. With this in mind, some IMC professionals, with clear vision of what the future holds had nurtured interest in Nigeria’s experiential marketing segment for the past five years. Ever since, the number of experimental marketing agencies in Nigeria have continued to grow.
To check various challenges like the issue of quacks who parade themselves as pros, Core experientialagencies decided to converge in July, 2013 to establish a formidable body known as the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN).
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To strengthen its capacity, EXMAN elected a crop of leading lights in the sector as officers to lead her executive council and serve as rallying point in the Experiential marketing business for two years.
The EXMAN executive is led by Kayode Olagesin, Managing Director, Towncriers. The President and other competent practitioners who formed the pioneer executive council members of EXMAN were formally sworn in at the EXMAN formal launch and investiture programme.
This year, EXMAN will be marking their two years of existence and many marketing observers believe it is good news for the IMC industry at large as the Association comes of age.

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