EeZee Coceptz Drops ‘I Recommend Jesus’  By Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile, Nigerian singer, and songwriter, professionally as Chidinma had risen to fame through the secular music industry, capturing hearts with her melodious voice and infectious songs. Her journey, however, took an unexpected turn, leading her down a path she had always known was meant for her, gospel music. During an interview, she shared her remarkable story of transformation and importantly, her latest single, “I Recommend Jesus.”

She explained that the inspiration behind her latest single came from her personal experience and journey, a profound connection with Jesus that had shaped her career as a gospel singer. This path had been a beautiful and fulfilling experience, and she relished the opportunity to convey it to her audience. In a world characterized by constant change, she believed that Jesus was the only certainty. Upon the release of her latest song, the remarkable reception her song had garnered was truly heartening and astonishing, with the song amassing over a million views on YouTube within a week of its release.

With a genuine desire to see the gospel music industry flourish, Chidinma shared her thoughts on the changes she hoped to see. She believed that while the industry had evolved and improved significantly over time, there was still room for enhancement, particularly in nurturing emerging talents and supporting young individuals aspiring to enter the gospel music arena. Her passion lay in assisting these aspiring artists in realizing their dreams, particularly those who were unwavering in their commitment to serving God. As her heart is glued on nurturing fresh and young talents, she was enthusiastic about the Gospel Groove Talent Quest by EeZee Conceptz, a platform aimed at discovering and developing new gospel talents.

Reflecting on her early days, Chidinma had achieved fame by winning the MTN Project Fame music competition. Her experience in that competition led her to believe that spirituality and good character were essential qualities for a gospel artist to possess. Chidinma’s transition from the secular music scene to gospel music was not a random occurrence. She had harbored a deep-rooted interest in gospel music for a considerable period. Her involvement as a chorister from a young age instilled a profound connection with gospel music over the years. While she couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment of transition, she was certain it would happen eventually.

Immersing herself in gospel music had brought immense joy to Chidinma’s heart. Initially, she had some reservations about what the experience would entail, but looking back, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She believed her musical gift was meant primarily for God’s glory, and her lifelong desire had always been to work in His service. The timing of her transition felt divinely ordained.

The catalyst for this transformation came from a personal revelation, as Chidinma shared that she had experienced a profound encounter with Jesus. This encounter transformed her beliefs into a deeply personal conviction. Chidinma’s family and loved ones were equally thrilled about her decision to pursue gospel music, offering their unwavering support and excitement for her journey. Chidinma’s creative process was deeply rooted in personal experiences and her faith. She found inspiration in her personal experiences, which influenced how she made music. Ultimately, the Holy Spirit was her source of inspiration.

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Discussing the state of the music industry, Chidinma praised her record label, EeZee Conceptz, as a supportive family rather than just a record label. She was pleased with the structure it provided in the gospel music space and expressed her contentment with her choice. Chidinma’s journey from secular to gospel music provided her with valuable insights. She emphasized the significance of having a robust structure in the gospel music industry, acknowledging that there was still work to be done in this regard. Additionally. she had acquired the ability to thrive under pressure, honing her skills during her time as a secular artist, where she worked tirelessly to achieve outstanding results.

Drawing from her experience in both worlds, Chidinma underscored the importance of deliberate investment in the gospel music sector. She believed that a purposeful commitment to investing in the industry was crucial, and she advocated for an increase in the number of investors. This, she believed, would propel the growth of the gospel music sector. Moreover, Chidinma stressed the need for dependable talent and individuals with a deep understanding of the industry to further enhance its development.

Addressing concerns about her fan base, Chidinma emphasized her newfound sense of peace and purpose. She believes having a huge fan base is not as important as having peace of mind, and that’s what she is after. Reflecting on her journey, Chidinma admitted that she wished she had made the switch to gospel music earlier, believing that it would have been beneficial. Chidinma’s transition hadn’t strained her relationships with colleagues in the secular music industry, as she noted that nothing had changed, and there was no discrimination. Their relationships remained cordial, as she believed that the call of God was all about love.

Addressing concerns about the depth of gospel music, Chidinma emphasized that gospel music centered around conveying the message of Jesus in alignment with the teachings of the Word of God. She stressed the importance of gospel music ministers having a profound knowledge of the scriptures, as the essence of their songs should be rooted in this divine message. Chidinma regarded music as a tool for sharing this message, with the primary focus extending beyond the artistic aspect.

As the interview concluded, Chidinma’s most cherished moments as a gospel singer were not defined by the glitz and glamour but rather by the heartfelt moments of fellowship she had experienced. Her journey from secular fame to gospel music served as a testament to her unwavering faith, deep convictions, and unyielding commitment to sharing the message of Jesus with the world.

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