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Emmppek Foods, Maker of Whole Egg Powder and Home-Made Garri Show Culinary Wonders At International Trade And Nigeria Cake Expo 2023

In the bustling world of food innovation and entrepreneurship, Emmppek has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer in producing high-quality, nutritious and healthy Whole Egg Powder and Vitamin A Home-Made Garri. The egg powder is a new product recently launched into the Nigerian Market and is made from regular eggs that have been processed into powder, making it a kitchen companion for women, a breakfast delight for every home and a healthy choice for every consumer.

Whole Egg Powder has a shelf life of one year, compared to fresh eggs, which only last for a month. Egg powder is a high source of calcium, protein as well as minerals and can be used in a variety of dishes, such as pap, custard, baby food, smoothies, bread, cakes, snacks, among others, and it is available at supermarkets and retail stores across Nigeria.

Emmppek Foods, which actively participated in the just concluded Nigeria Cake Expo 2023 held in Lagos and Abuja International Trade Fair, annual events that bring together businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, bakers and stakeholders from various industries to showcase their innovative products and services.

Trade fairs play a crucial role in the growth and expansion of businesses. These events provided a platform for companies to showcase their products, engage with consumers, and form valuable connections within the industry. Emmppek Foods recognized the significance of such opportunities and made a remarkable presence at the prestigious Abuja International Trade Fair and Nigeria Cake Expo 2023.

Dr Chris Edeh, Director of the Emmppek Foods at the fair said the production of the Whole Egg Powder and the Vitamin A Home-Made-Garri was borne out of a vision to revolutionize the food industry as Emmppek Foods has consistently delivered innovative products that cater to the diverse needs of consumers. Emmppek’s dedication to quality, innovation and commitment to innovation have positioned them as a leading force in the food market in Nigeria.

The whole egg powder by Emmppek Foods offers a convenient and versatile solution for culinary enthusiasts and bakers, providing the goodness of eggs in an easily manageable powder form. On the other hand, their home-made garri captures the essence of traditional African cuisine, reflecting the company’s deep-rooted appreciation for cultural flavors.

Emmppek’s journey in the food industry has been defined by a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating products that meet and exceed customer expectations. The company’s history is one of relentless dedication to delivering exceptional food items, including their signature whole egg powder and home-made Garri.

In addition to product displays, Emmppek organized interactive sessions where attendees could learn more about the products, their production process and the company’s dedication to quality. Special promotions and offers were also introduced to entice visitors, creating a buzz of excitement around the Emmppek booth at the fair.

Know more about the Whole Egg Powder and Home-Made-Garri:

About Emmppek Foods.

Emmppek Foods is a subsidiary of Emmppek Farms committed to using innovation and technology to strengthen capacity in food processing and packaging to tackle the challenge of feeding a global population projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

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