Innovation Series Convener Reveals That AI Can Restore Ancient Art

The convener of Innovention Series, Dr. Tunji Olugbodi, CEO, Verdant Zeal Communications, has said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance creativity, increase efficiency as well as unlock new opportunities for artists, including filmmakers, musicians, designers, and storytellers across the continent. He added that AI can also help restore ancient art, translate endangered languages, and assist in the digitization of cultural artifacts.

He made this known at the 11th edition of the annual summit and master class organized by Verdant Zeal Group with the theme “The Future of Africa’s Creative Industries in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.” The event was held physically at the Civic Center, Victoria Island, Lagos.

According to the organizers, the event was designed to underscore the significance of creative industries and how they intersect with the advancements in AI as well as continue building a generation of confident trendsetters who will shape the future of technology and innovation.

In Dr. Olugbodi’s words: “This year, we are exploring a disruptive subject, The Future of Africa’s Creative Industries in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. I’m sure that in one way or the other, we’re all being impacted by artificial intelligence, whether positively or negatively, or maybe totally neutral.

“But whatever your experience has been, today we are collectively exploring how technology, creativity, and innovation are converging to shape the future of Africa’s creative landscape.”

He added that Africa is a continent of incredible diversity, rich culture, and creative potential. “In an era that is marked by technological disruption, Africa’s creative industries are forced to play a pivotal role in shaping the continent’s future and contributing to the global creative ecosystem.”

The Verdant Zeal boss noted that AI is one of the most profound technological advancements of our time. It has the potential to revolutionize, revitalize, and indeed even revive or restore various industries, and Africa’s creative sectors are no exception.

“AI can enhance creativity, it can increase efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for artists, for filmmakers, for musicians, for designers, and storytellers across the continent. What does this mean for the creative future and for a sojourning creative economy, especially in Nigeria? This is the era of democracy, of creativity. It’s the era of level playing field for creative professionals.”

“AI democratizes creativity by making creative tools and resources more accessible. No longer is artistic talent confined to those with access to expensive equipment or formal training. AI-powered software and platforms enable artists from remote corners of Africa to bring their visions to life. It can assist in content creation by generating music, art, and even stories. However, the enhancements of our storytelling Africa have a wealth of stories waiting to be told. AI can help creators analyze data and trends to craft stories that resonate with audiences around the globe,” he said.

He urged creators, government, institutions, businesses etc. all over Africa to embrace partnership in order to secure a bright future for Africa’s creative industries in the era of AI.

“Africa’s creative industries can shine on beacons of innovation and inspiration, contributing to the global cultural encroachment. Together we can harness the transformative power of AI to ensure that Africa’s creative spirit continues to illuminate the world.”

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