MultiChoice Boss Says BBN Best Performing Big Brother Franchise In The World

Big Brother Naija (BBN) is the best-performing Big Brother franchise in the world. This information was made known recently at the 50th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) by John Ugbe, Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, where he was a guest speaker.

In his presentation held at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Abuja, Ugbe pointed out that MultiChoice had localized the Big Brother format in Nigeria and Africa, transforming it into a phenomenon that has been recognized as the best in the world by the owners of the franchise. He emphasized that this achievement showcased the creativity and innovation of African talent. Additionally, Ugbe noted that this localized version of Big Brother had been instrumental in the field of advertising on television, further underlining its significance in the African entertainment landscape.

“What we have been able to do with Big Brother in Nigeria and indeed in Africa has made it to be named by the owners of that franchise as the best in the world. And I think it is probably one of the biggest when it comes to advertising on TV,” he disclosed.

Speaking to the theme of the conference which is focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) “The African Initiative to the World”, Ugbe emphasized the importance of storytelling, creativity, and technology in shaping Africa’s future on the global stage.


He began his address by emphasizing the significance of storytelling as a foundation for Africa’s initiative. Drawing parallels with America’s Hollywood and its ability to craft compelling narratives, he stressed the need for Africa to tell its own stories. Ugbe asserted that in the era of AI, where creativity and innovation reign supreme, storytelling becomes a powerful tool for the continent. “The industrial revolution is gone but the new revolution-AI, is all about creativity and innovation, and I think that is where Africa comes in.”

Highlighting MultiChoice’s 30-year presence in Nigeria, Ugbe commended AAAN on its 50th anniversary and celebrated the continent’s ongoing population growth. He pointed out that African creatives are increasingly making their mark globally, working for prestigious agencies in New York. Ugbe underlined that Africa possesses the talent and creativity needed to excel in the new AI-driven era.

He drew attention to the disparity in how individuals of African origin are portrayed internationally. He noted that while a person’s African identity may be highlighted when they commit a crime, their laudable achievements are often downplayed. Using the example of the Nigerian boxer who recently won the Heavyweight Title, he emphasized the importance of creating an enabling environment for African creatives to reshape this narrative.

Ugbe noted the rising emphasis on technology in content creation, with AI enabling the production of high-quality content. He highlighted how MultiChoice, through initiatives like Gotv boxing, has attracted direct investment into Africa, transforming grassroots talent into champions. He stressed that Africa’s natural skills, coupled with technology, can push the continent forward.

Ugbe closed his speech by discussing the increasing accessibility of AI. He mentioned the affordability of AI services, which are now available for as low as $100 a month. Ugbe also touched on the importance of preserving African languages and culture in an increasingly globalized world. He expressed pride in the world’s growing appreciation of African music and culture and urged Africans to take pride in their heritage.

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