Outdoor Sector Anticipates Excellence And Innovation Under New LASAA Leadership

Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA), a pivotal institution in the dynamic outdoor advertising sector, is on the brink of a transformation.

The prospect of a revitalized LASAA comes in the wake of Prince Fatiu Akiolu’s appointment as the new MD/CEO of the agency and his recent engagement with key industry practitioners in the outdoor advertising sector to share his vision for LASAA and the broader advertising landscape in Lagos.

The advertising and marketing industry also anticipates a renewed era of excellence and innovation under the new leadership as the stage is set for LASAA to transition into a beacon of excellence, innovation, and professionalism within the outdoor advertising sector.

The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Law, 2006 (as amended), established LASAA with a mandate to control outdoor structures for signage and advertisements, issue licenses and permits for outdoor structures, and protect the environment from visual blights, among other functions. In a city teeming with multinationals and corporate giants that invest substantially in advertising, the role of LASAA is instrumental.

LASAA’s mission and vision have faced challenges over the years due to leadership choices that lacked the professional expertise necessary for guiding the agency toward its goals. 

Previous CEOs were often viewed as political appointees rather than technocrats, which led to allegations of misconduct and unprofessionalism during their tenure.


However, Prince Fatiu Akiolu’s appointment brings renewed hope for LASAA.

A seasoned expert in advertising and the founder of Regno Media, an outdoor media firm based in Lagos, his appointment was a strategic move by Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to restructure LASAA and enhance its effectiveness. His tenure marks a new beginning for the agency and promises a more significant contribution to Lagos’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In a recent meeting with industry practitioners, the newly appointed LASAA Boss outlined his vision for the agency, placing significant emphasis on regulatory excellence, community engagement, inclusive growth, environmental responsibility, and the adoption of innovation and technology. 

These principles underpin his strategy to steer LASAA toward a brighter future and ensure its alignment with the rapidly evolving advertising landscape.

Altogether, Prince Akiolu’s appointment underlines the Lagos State Governor’s commitment to restructuring LASAA and ensuring the agency fulfills its vital role effectively. This change in leadership signifies a step toward elevating the agency’s contributions to Lagos’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

As the industry looks forward to the changes under Prince Fatiu Akiolu’s leadership, the stage is set for LASAA to transition into a beacon of excellence, innovation, and professionalism within the outdoor advertising sector.

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