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Top 14 Nigerian Social Media Influencers in 2024

In the dynamic Nigerian digital landscape, a myriad of talented individuals are shaping the online space with their unique contents and talents.

Here’s a curated list of influential personalities across various social media platforms, without hierarchical order:

1. Sisi Yemmie: Renowned for her culinary expertise showcased on YouTube and Instagram, Sisi Yemmie entices audiences with vibrant recipes, boasting 975K YouTube subscribers and 340K Instagram followers.

2. Taaoma: A comedy luminary reigning on Facebook and Instagram, Taaoma delivers consistent laughter through her skits, drawing 5.2 million Instagram followers and 966K YouTube subscribers.

3. Pamilerin (Pampam): With a Twitter presence marked by witty commentary and pop culture insights, Pamilerin commands attention from 874K followers.

4. Eniolaoluwa: A fashion and beauty connoisseur inspiring audiences with captivating looks and makeup tutorials, Eniolaoluwa garners 35.4K YouTube subscribers and 2.1 million Instagram followers.

5. Aproko Doctor: Merging humor with medical education, Aproko Doctor engages audiences on Facebook and Instagram, amassing a substantial following of 1.4 million on Instagram

6. Nengi: Rising from BBNaija fame, Nengi captivates Instagram followers with her fashion sense and glimpses into a glamorous lifestyle, boasting 3.3 million followers.

7. MC Shem: An Instagram personality infusing energy and humor through pranks and collaborations, MC Shem entertains 261K followers.

8. Don Jazzy: The music icon charms Twitter and Instagram users with humorous content, industry insights, and catchy tunes, commanding a vast following of 16.2 million on Instagram.

9. Iyabo Ojo: A veteran actress offering glimpses into her life and the Nollywood industry, Iyabo Ojo shares moments with her 6.4 million Instagram followers.

10. Mark Angel Comedy: Renowned for hilarious skits featuring child actors, this comedy brand amasses 3.1 million Instagram followers and 1.35 million YouTube subscribers.

11. Sabinus: Known for his distinctive comedy style and character-driven skits, Sabinus boasts 891K followers on Instagram.

12. Kiekie (Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori): A powerhouse influencer celebrated for comedic skits and a vibrant personality, Kiekie has 490K Instagram followers.

13. Mr. Macaroni: A prominent figure in Nigerian comedy, Mr. Macaroni addresses social issues with humor, boasting a significant following of 877K on Instagram.

14. Layi Wasabi,:Wasabi, known for his clever wordplay and acting as a comical lawyer in his skits, has garnered a substantial fan base with his unique online which has earned him 1.6m followers on Instagram.


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