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Verve Introduces Smart LAG ID to Access Lagos state Services

The world is evolving into a smart world; we have smartphones, smart watches,
smart glasses and now Verve are introducing the smart LAG ID card, just for you.

The #Verve Card partnered LASRRA (Lagos State Residents Registration Agency);
on the multipurpose resident’s smart card tagged LAG ID. The card which has just
been unveiled combines biometric identification with cutting-edge technology.

The LAG ID provides the ease of convenience, enabling residents to make
transactions via the ATMs, WEB and POS at any time, while also enjoying the dual
benefits of verifying their identities and readily been able to access the various
social amenities provided by the government.

Holders of the new smart card will be able to enjoy an array of benefits that come
with being a Verve cardholder. Verve constantly offers extensive and exciting

According to the Verve management, to register, residents can go to their website
on or any LASRRA center near you; and registration is

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