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3 Major Graphic Design Trends In 2015

What has changed about design in marketing communications in the last two years? Not much probably, but the onerous task still remains with designers to come with design patterns and concepts that help sell ideas to the world.
The graphic designers’ task is to use design strategies that will attract, engage and stimulate attention about the offering of any given brand. He needs to understand the human angle, how humans respond to colour, letters, shapes and form. He needs to understand the personality
and imagery of the brand. He also needs to research into works that have been done in the past and probably know what’s trending about specific eras when it comes to design. Just like fashion can be trending within certain eras, fonts can also be trending.
I remember a font called ‘MYRIAD’ –used by the MTNs, the UBAs and most businesses in  2012 and how it became a benchmark for judging a good font. This is important. However, this
does not remove or kill the art of invention. A graphic designer is at liberty to create his own font and design strategy, as long as it meets the communication objective.
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In 2015, the most attractive and effective designs, whether on print or web will be minimalist in content with hand-made illustrations that are vivid and eye candy in output. Photography is good if well-executed; taking into consideration all the elements of a good photography but this is becoming boring. With all the predictable stock images, designers seem to be compelled to or
straitjacketed into stereotypes.
Surprise and art appreciation are the key here when using illustrations. Let the image tell the story. Illustration gives you the power to exaggerate and make or highlight important elements
in the overall composition. Another major trend will be the emergence of created fonts.
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Fonts that depict the age: rebellious, eccentric, and effervescent. Strangely, strange things appeal to people, the mysteriousness of it appeals. It jumps at you as fresh or unique. Surrealism will also be key in 2015. Let your imagination run wild. Sometimes it releases the creative potential of the audience and makes them feel good when they unravel the mystery. Actually what makes designers different from photographers is this ability to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind.
As we look forward in 2015, despite the obvious challenges before us, we should never lose that inventive spirit, the restless desire to make things better and the drive to constantly provide innovation to any marketing communications challenge.

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