Ad-va-thon: Nigerian Embarks on 48-Hour Record Challenge in Advertising

A young Nigerian, Dedayo Adeloye is taking up the challenge to embark on a record-setting feat of creating 48-hour television commercials in what he termed an Ad-va-thon, in October.

For the challenge, Adeloye will be attempting to create five television commercials for five different brands, all within a location and in the shortest production time possible. It is scheduled to hold between October 25th and 26th 2023, at Crest Shortlet and Apartment in Ogba, Lagos.

According to reports, he will singlehandedly assume different roles as director, producer, scriptwriter, lighting expert, sound engineer, art director, costume designer, video editor, and voice-over artiste.

The attempt is reportedly not tied to any specific organization, and it will feature an independent timekeeper during the entire record attempt to ensure fairness and accuracy in tracking the production time.

In his remarks, he said: ‘I’ve handpicked five of my all-time favorite brands whose products I genuinely love and use. The names of these brands will be unveiled during the official announcement of the attempt.

“I have meticulously planned and practiced my production process to optimize efficiency while ensuring high-quality results. The few experiences that I’ve gathered in video production will also play a crucial role in achieving this feat. Furthermore, I hope this attempt opens doors for creative opportunities both within and outside the country. I aspire to collaborate with fellow creatives in the media industry,” he said.

Taking to his LinkedIn to further write about the attempt, he added, “When you’re determined to achieve something extraordinary, you don’t always have to tread the beaten path. I firmly believe in seizing control of this journey, shattering boundaries, and crafting my own rules.

“This is far more than just an attempt; it’s a profound testament to what’s possible when you have the audacity to challenge the status quo,” he wrote.

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