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Hurray!  Windows 10 With Exciting Features Is Here

By Adetunji Oluwatosin. 
 If you have been thinking that Windows 8 sucks, then you should get your dancing shoes as Microsoft releases Windows 10 with exciting features after nine months of public beta testing, the final version is rolling out to machines across the world.
You can now upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on your existing PC. While not every single machine will get the upgrade instantly, Microsoft is rolling out the install to millions of devices. All you have to do is register for the upgrade from the taskbar, and Microsoft will alert you once it’s ready to be installed.
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If you upgrade today you’ll get a shiny new Start menu, built-in Xbox app with Xbox One game streaming, Cortana integration, a new Microsoft Edge browser, and a host of new built-in apps. Should you upgrade to Windows 10 or wait a little while?
5 New Features of Windows 10

  1.  The Start Menu is back

If you’re upgrading to Windows 10 on a desktop or laptop PC, then prepare to be delightfully surprised: the Start menu you know and love is back. Instead of booting you a completely different screen, the Start menu lives in the lower-lefthand corner — just like it did in Windows 7.

  1. Easy Navigations – No More Annoying Corners like in Windows 8

Navigating around Windows 10 is also greatly improved. The annoying hot corners in Windows 8 that made you bored just trying to access settings or even the Start screen have been removed.

  1.  Google Calendar Is Now Supported

The new calendar app is also great. Although I’d like to see some Cortana integration in the future, the uncluttered interface is exactly what you expect from your calendar. Best of all, Google Calendar is now supported so you can easily add your Gmail account and have it work just fine across email and calendar.

  1. Now with A new Browser:

Windows 10 also comes with a new browser, called Edge. It may be new, but it sadly sticks to the past in a number of ways. Edge’s task bar icon is barely different from that of Internet Explorer, in an effort to keep it familiar to the millions of diverse Windows users. It’s simplified, clean, and performs well in most cases
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  1. New Cortana Visual Interface

Microsoft has also built a virtual assistant like Siri right into Windows 10. It’s called Cortana, and it’s designed to look and feel like an extension of the Start menu, and just like the Windows Phone equivalent, you can also use your voice to search. There’s also an option to enable a “hey Cortana” feature that lets you simply holler questions at your laptop.
Are you ready to roll with the latest window

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